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Fused Magnesite

Fused Magnesite

Jun 9,2019

Our product is a kind of magnesium alumina spinel, which is made by fusing magne-
sium oxide and aluminum oxide in electrical arc furnace. It characters good thermal
shock resistance and strong anti-corrosive ability.

The electro fused magnesia-alumina spinel is a synthetic refractory material form commercial(purity over 98.5%),light fired magnesia(purity over 96%)and some high purity magnesite (MgO over 47%)by high temperature melting in electrical arc furnace

.The fused Mg-Al spinel consists of well grown crystals and possesses high density and structure homogeneity. So it isa high quality raw material for manufacturing spinel-periciase refractories with high strength and good thermal shock resistance . The fused Mg-Al spinel is ideal raw material for the production of continuous casting ,slide gate bricks for casting muzzle,firebricks for lining of ladle ,liner bricks for cement kiln, refractory casting ,kiln furniture for medium and high temperature applications.