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Application of Magnesium oxide MgO

Application of Magnesium oxide MgO

Jun 14,2019

China annual domestic output of magnesium oxide is about 12 million tons.

Magnesium oxide is a measure of sulfur and pyrite in coal and sulfur and arsenic in steel. Used as a standard for white pigments. Light magnesium oxide is mainly used as a raw material for the preparation of ceramics, enamels, refractory crucibles and refractory bricks. Also used as a polishing agent for adhesives, coatings, and paper fillers, as a promoter and activator for neoprene and fluororubber. After mixing with a solution such as magnesium chloride, it can be made into a magnesium oxide water balance. 3. It is used as an antacid and laxative in medicine for gastric acid and duodenal ulcer disease. Used as a catalyst in the chemical industry and as a raw material for the manufacture of magnesium salts. It is also used in the manufacture of glass, dyed enamel, phenolic plastics, etc. Used in the heavy magnesia rice milling industry for firing and semi-rollers. The construction industry is used to manufacture artificial chemical flooring artificial marble heat-insulating panels. The plastics industry is used as a filler. Can also be used to produce other magnesium salts.