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Application of magnesium oxide in electronic ceramics

Application of magnesium oxide in electronic ceramics

May 18,2020

Electronic ceramics have good conductivity, mechanical strength and high temperature resistance, which can be used in thick film integrated circuits, glass-ceramics, microwave media and other industries. Let's briefly understand several applications of magnesium oxide in electronic ceramics.

1. High-purity magnesium oxide and alumina are used to prepare molten ceramic particles, which can be widely used in the field of abrasive tools. Used as a sintering aid together with rare earth oxides to prepare silicon nitride ceramics, which can efficiently and economically manufacture products of various complex shapes, such as cutting tools, sealing rings, bearings, nozzles and various high-temperature resistance, wear resistance, resistance Corrosive products, etc.

2. Preparation of magnesium oxide ceramic core, the use temperature of the prepared magnesium oxide ceramic core is not less than 1600 ℃, it does not react with the casting metal under high temperature conditions, the surface of the casting is smooth, which makes up for the use of silicon-based core casting such materials , The inner hole of the casting will produce a lot of defects such as porosity and sticky sand; good dissolution, can be well dissolved in weak acid, the core removal time is short, the core removal equipment is simple, the core removal process is pollution-free, safe and reliable, reducing precision Casting cost; casting hollow thin-wall castings without thermal cracking; high core dimensional accuracy; sufficient strength, not deformed or broken during molding, handling and furnace installation.

3. Preparation of high-toughness ceramic materials, using high-purity magnesium oxide and yttrium oxide or rare earth metal oxides as composite stabilizers, fired and heat-treated, with excellent mechanical properties and partially stabilized zirconia ceramics that resist high temperature aging. The ceramic material can be widely used as high-temperature engineering components and advanced refractory materials.