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Dead burned magnesite use in the ceramics industry

Dead burned magnesite use in the ceramics industry

Jul 24,2020

Dead burned magnesia ball stick to the pan with the ceramic industry, but also resistant material, the plastic material can be played Patent, because the material is applied to this type of fire, the holding strength, such as ball clay as having a high dry strength and plasticity The binder is often used to improve the working properties and dry strength of monolithic refractories.The dead burnt magnesia ball clay has good bonding ability, and the ball clay can bind the non-plastic materials together. It is often used in some refractory materials with high clinker content or most of the raw materials have been calcined, such as dense clay bricks, high alumina bricks, mullite products, corundum products, chrome corundum slide bricks, silicon carbide products and refractory kiln furniture.

The dead burned magnesite can be replaced by sand and combined to produce magnesium spinel cement kiln, which not only avoids chromium pollution, but also has anti-stripping property. It is synthesized by sintering method but not equivalent to sintered spinel. Active spinel has thermal activity and sintering property. It is mainly used as a base for spinel refractories or to produce high density spinel. And raw materials with the production of ladle castable.