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Dead burned magneiste's refractory products

Dead burned magneiste's refractory products

Aug 7,2020

The dead burned magnesite also has the functions of bending resistance, pressure resistance, high strength and air hardness. Light burned powder products are mainly used in national defense, medicine, chemical industry, carcass board, particle board, thermal insulation column, railing, artificial marble, asbestos tile, ordinary tile, wall board, and paving the ground. , Light and heavy machinery packaging boxes, packaging bottom beams, high temperature refractory materials, etc. The main characteristics of light burned powder, light burned powder products do not need water, light burned powder products only need to be mixed with brine (magnesium chloride aqueous solution), high strength, fast hardening. It is mainly used for laying the ground, making artificial marble and terrazzo slabs, which are widely used as ideal raw materials for decoration projects and other products.

The main product of dead-burned magnesia alkaline material, high resistance, good corrosion resistance of oxygen and furnace high calcium melt. Magnesia bricks are divided into fired magnesia bricks and unfired magnesia bricks. The firing temperature of fired magnesia bricks is generally 1550°C to 1600°C, and the firing temperature of high-purity products is 1750°C or even higher. With periclase as the main mineral composition and forsterite as the matrix combination, its performance is about the same as that of magnesia bricks, but its softening temperature under load is higher than that of magnesia bricks, and its slag resistance is also better.