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Urea related export policies By:Cherry

Urea related export policies By:Cherry

Apr 5,2024
Urea related export policies
 phosphate (MAP)

Urea export policy refers to the country’s management and regulations on the export of urea products. The following are some common urea export policies:

1. Understanding the spare tyre according to the type of car

Each type of vehicle usually has a different type of spare tyre, depending on the type. You need to know that this spare tyre should only be used in an emergency, not for everyday use. This is because the spare tyre has a different tread and wear pattern to the standard tyre fitted by the manufacturer.

2. Avoid driving too fast

When using a spare tyre, you should not drive the car as fast as when using a normal tyre. When driving a car with a spare tyre, it's a good idea to avoid speeds above 80 km/h.

3. Limit mileage

Each type of car usually has a durability specification for the distance that can be driven with a spare tyre. We recommend that you do not use the spare tyre beyond the mileage specified in the owner's manual. Forced use can cause damage to the car such as pressure on the differential and l, gears to the clutch which is damaged.

4. Spare tyres affect car control

Before using a spare tyre, you must also be aware that using a spare tyre can affect the car's control. The greatest influence is when braking and cornering.

5. Check the condition of the spare tyre regularly

Although it is rarely used, car owners must check the condition of the spare tyre regularly, especially when travelling long distances. You must check that the tyre pressure is always in good condition, including the physical condition of the spare tyre, to ensure that it is always ready for use in an emergency.


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