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What should we do to store magnesium hydroxide well

What should we do to store magnesium hydroxide well

Sep 27,2023
What should we do to store magnesium hydroxide well
Magnesium hydroxide is an inorganic flame retardant filler with good application prospects for polymer based composite materials
magnesium hydroxide

Like aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide flame retardant acts as a flame retardant by absorbing heat and releasing water through chemical decomposition during heating. Therefore, it has the advantages of non-toxic, low smoke, stable chemical properties of the decomposed magnesium oxide, and no secondary pollution.

However, compared to halogenated organic flame retardants, in order to achieve a considerable flame retardant effect, the filling amount generally needs to reach more than 50%.

Due to the inorganic nature of magnesium hydroxide, its surface has poor compatibility with polymer based materials. If such a high filling amount is not treated with surface modification and filled into polymer materials, it will lead to a decrease in the mechanical properties of the composite material.

Therefore, it is necessary to carry out surface modification treatment on it to improve its compatibility with polymer based materials, so that the mechanical properties of the filling material do not decrease, and even improve some of the mechanical properties of the material.

So how can we better store magnesium hydroxide flame retardant?

1. The environment is the most fundamental. It is necessary to maintain a dry and ventilated storage environment, and a layer of plastic film needs to be placed between the product and the ground to isolate water vapor.

2. The packaging should be well sealed. Open the used ones and seal them in a timely manner.

3. Placing lime blocks after stacking to prevent moisture is another method to prevent magnesium oxide from absorbing moisture and reducing activity.

4. Due to the stronger moisture absorption of calcium oxide, placing calcium oxide in the warehouse as a moisture reducing agent is very effective in reducing the humidity of the warehouse.

5. Magnesium hydroxide has a shelf life. So don't accumulate too much at once, because even with good moisture-proof measures, magnesium hydroxide will inevitably deteriorate after a long time.

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