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What are the uses of magnesium oxide in daily life

What are the uses of magnesium oxide in daily life

Sep 22,2023
What are the uses of magnesium oxide in daily life
With the development of industrialization, magnesium oxide has been well-known to the public and widely used.
magnesium oxide
       due to the different parameter requirements in the application industry, many types of magnesium oxide have emerged, such as light and heavy magnesium oxide.

1.Different volumes

Heavy magnesium oxide and light magnesium oxide are divided by 4ml/g, with light magnesium oxide above 4ml/g and heavy magnesium oxide below 4ml/g.

The most intuitive difference between lightweight magnesium oxide and heavy magnesium oxide is their volume, which can be distinguished by size. Lightweight magnesium oxide has a large volume and is relatively fluffy, with a white amorphous powder appearance, and is usually used in mid to high-end industries. 

Heavy magnesium oxide has a small volume, is relatively compact, and is a white or beige powder, which will be used in low-end industries. The volume occupied by lightweight magnesium oxide is about three times that of heavy magnesium oxide.

2.Different properties

Lightweight magnesium oxide has a large volume and fluffiness, which is difficult to dissolve in pure water and organic solvents.

However, it can dissolve in acid and ammonium salt solutions and transform into crystals after high-temperature burning. Heavy magnesium oxide is small in volume, dense, and easy to combine with water. When exposed in the air, it is easy to absorb water and carbon dioxide, and when mixed with magnesium chloride solution, it is easy to solidify and harden.

3. Different preparation processes

Light magnesium oxide is generally converted from magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfate, or magnesium bicarbonate into a product that is soluble in water, then chemically converted into an insoluble product, and then calcined into magnesium oxide. The resulting product has a low bulk density, usually 0.2 (g/ml). 

Due to the cumbersome production process, the production cost will greatly increase, and the market price is slightly higher than that of heavy magnesium oxide. Heavy magnesium oxide is usually directly calcined from magnesite and brucite, with a bulk density of 0.5 (g/ml). The production process is relatively simple, so the sales price is generally relatively cheap.

4.Different application fields

Lightweight magnesium oxide will be used in the production of rubber products and chloroprene adhesive. In rubber manufacturing, magnesium oxide acts as an acid absorbent and promoter. It plays a role in reducing sintering temperature in ceramics and enamel. 

Used as a filler in the manufacturing of grinding wheels and paints. Food grade lightweight magnesium oxide can be used as a decolorizing agent for sugar refining and as a pH regulator for ice cream powder.

 It will also be applied in the pharmaceutical field as an antacid and laxative. If you have the habit of reading the drug instructions, you will see the figure of light magnesium oxide in some drugs. 

The purity of heavy magnesium oxide is relatively low, and it can be used for the production of magnesium salts in the chemical industry. It can also be used in the construction industry to manufacture artificial chemical floors, artificial marble floors, ceilings, thermal insulation boards, etc., and is used as a filling material.

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